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Ref 051
Sea Creatures Sampler

red cross stitch sampler with ancient cross-stitch alhabets and cross-stitch sea figures

Name : Sea Creatures Sampler

Reference : 051

Price : 15 €
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Design size : Height 319 x Width 319 stitches. This sampler counts 27617 stitches !
Used stitches : cross stitch

The cross stitch sampler is designed to be stitched in one colour.

The stitchers initials and the year the sampler is stitched, can be put in this cross stitch sampler.
The letters of the alphabet and the numbers for the year are included to allow personalisation.

This red cross stitch sampler shows 4 different cross stitch alphabets.
Some of the old french alphabets do not know the letter W.
Furthermore, the letter I and the letter J are used as the same.

red cross stitch sampler with ancient cross stitch letters         red cross-stitch sampler with ancient cross-stitch abc         red crossstitch sampler with ancient crossstitch alphabets

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